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Investments and opportunities

Deep C industrial zone cluster

Infra Asia’s most extensive investment is the Deep C industrial zone cluster, a cluster of five industrial parks in the close vicinity of the new Haiphong Gateway International deep-sea port (the “Lach Huyen port”) and the completely revamped highway network connecting Hanoi with South China. 

Construction of the Lach Huyen port is well underway, and the port is expected to become operational in 2017/2018. This first and only deep-sea port in North Vietnam with a depth of -14m will allow international investors to tap into the enormous potential of North Vietnam. The port, together with the improved road network will be an absolute game changer for the region, and is already attracting major industrial companies that are looking for a production and distribution platform in Northern Vietnam. 

Infra-Asia has secured concessions for more than 2200ha of prime industrial land, part of which must be reclaimed from the sea, and therefore requires particular maritime expertise to make it successful.

The location of the concessions, combined with Infra Asia’s expertise makes Infra Asia uniquely positioned to reap the benefits presented by the development of this deep-sea port. 

Infra Asia’s firm belief in the potential of North Vietnam (with a focus on the Haiphong and the Quang Ninh Province) has been validated by:

  • Vietnam’s tremendous economic growth, 
  • The rising foreign direct investments attracted to Vietnam,
  • North Vietnam’s regional growth rate consistently surpassing the national average, and
  • the continued investments of the Government in new infrastructure links in the area. 

Infra Induss utilities

Infra Asia has recently set up the Joint Venture Infra Induss with the Belgian full-service water company Induss. 

Induss has extensive experience in constructing and operating industrial water treatment plants in the ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Ostend in Belgium. In 2015 Infra Induss took over the responsibility of the water network in the Deep C industrial zone cluster.

This strategic decision ensures that the water network and services will be able to first of all keep track of the growing demand and secondly attract particular industries such as petrochemicals and textiles which have strict requirements regarding their water treatment and water quality standards. Under the auspices of Infra Induss, the waste water treatment facility in the Deep C cluster obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, unique in North Vietnam.

Warehousing Workshop Worldwide

The marketing team of the Deep C cluster has recently picked up on a strong demand of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for ready-built-factories and facilities available for lease.

In order to tap into this important market, Infra Asia has decided to set-up Warehousing Workshop Worldwide (“WWW”). This company will lease land from the industrial parks in the Deep C cluster at arm’s length basis, construct ready-built-factories, standard module-based warehouses and office blocks, which it will subsequently lease to customers.

These facilities will offer SMEs the opportunity to access the business potential of North Vietnam without a large upfront investment. Construction of the first phase has started in 2016.

Through its participation in WWW, Infra Asia can provide services to a wider range of potential customers and can further leverage its land concessions by optimising the land usage of certain plots of land.

Other opportunities

Infra Asia is constantly searching for opportunities to improve and expand its activities within its preferred markets. At the moment, Infra Asia is looking at several other prospects: 

  • securing additional land concessions, 
  • industrial waste-to-energy and steam generation projects,
  • the constructing and management of inland waterway and/or port terminals.

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